Roadtrip Vancouver – Calgary via Banff Jasper Yoho Nationalpark

It took us 13 days in August, 1600 km and 500 litres of fuel to travel from Vancouver to Calgary with the 30-year-old RV called “Granny”. Asking fellow travelers to jump-Start Granny became a usual procedure which gave us the chance to meet a lot of helpful people. After a while, however we had to buy new parts for the old lady which made her run like a teenager again. Due to the 150 years anniversary of Canada, we were lucky to enter all the National Parks for free. This is how we visited Yoho, Banff and Jasper National Park always on the search for bears.

All shot with iPhone on gimbal and DJi osmo and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Photos to this trip:
Photos by Robin @euphonics

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19 Replies to “Roadtrip Vancouver – Calgary via Banff Jasper Yoho Nationalpark”

  1. Martyupnorth

    To truly discover Banff you need to head into the backcountry. My channel has videos of all my multi-day hikes in Banff, Jasper and other parks. I have hiked all the famous trails (Molar Pass, Rockwall, Taylor Lake, Skyline, North Boundary Trail, Glacier Lake and more), as well as far off the beaten path. My videos also describe logistics like access points, as well as many useful hiking tips. Cheers.

  2. Ismaeel Hussain

    How long did this trip take you ? As I am thinking about doing this within 10 days. Is that possible ?

  3. digitalphat

    🥳 WOW 😮 🇨🇦100.000 view already! 🇨🇦 Thanks 🙏 for watching and all your comments 👍🏻 🇨🇦

  4. Blackboard

    Banff Canada is one of our most cherished dream destinations. We dont know when we will be able to visit this place but one day for sure, we will visit it. Loved your video.

  5. Roy Hessey

    Meeee tooo “Love the locations but am feeling nauseous with the throbbing and rotating edits.”

    • Swajan Rath

      +digitalphat sorry for my first comment. It was very rude. Actually canada is a very beautiful place and I simply love those words bunff, jasper…etc. I will definitely go there. Its in my bucket list. When I open your video I was expecting to see and feel the beauty of those areas. But your editing just ruined my experience. But I can see you had an incredible trip there. Cheers for that. Some day I will go there to experience those places.

    • digitalphat

      Well. I am sorry for that, but different people have different viewing habits. Therefore it’s not bullshit editing, but your viewing habits don’t match the video editing. In China this video would probably be way to slow and boring because of missing overlay texts. Try to be open minded 😉

    • Swajan Rath

      +digitalphat I feel sudden throbbing and your pattern of moving one clip to other is painful and irritating. Beautiful location, beautiful clips…but editing made it irritating.

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